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Thanks for dropping by! Online Capital is the host vehicle for a number of web properties run by Peter Leigh. Initially starting out as a finance brokerage due to my previous line of work, it has expanded into somewhat of an entrepreneurial factory, forming the monetary and accounting base for a number of properties and trading styles all run with the aim of doing something for good.

Although Online Capital isn’t a registered charity, profits from any particular property are re-invested into that property, with any surplus donated to good causes.

Our Key Philosophies

Individuality – Treating every single person & business as an individual
Kaizen – A philosophy of continuous improvement
Wabi-Sabi – Taking time for Mindfulness & beauty in all things

Zen - Respect and dedication
for all we do

Fairness - We will treat you fairly and honestly

We are always
looking to improve

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How to Buy Loan Leads

Lead trading is a big business, but it’s often difficult to get leads from search results or advertising without considerable cost. An alternative is to buy leads or data and create an email campaign. Buying leads has it’s own set of problems however, and you should always be wary of; Lead Quality (e.g. How much [...]

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Get Your Business Online with Own The Web

Do you run a small business? Do you have a website for your business? Would you like a slicker website? Would you like more traffic for your site? Do you want to increase the visibility of our brand? Do you want to make more sales through your website? If you’ve answered Yes to any of [...]